Kaiser Vance

Well, well. The Hero of Lore. It's about time you showed up.

Keep your distance, and I'll be sure not to kill you too quickly.

Where are we?
Dreadrock Citadel. A place where Lore's darkest beings gather to do business. If you were smart, you'd keep to yourself.

There's not much to talk about. Here, power is everything. Unless you're in with the right crowd, the weak don't last very long.

Who are you?
Oh, don't worry about me. You should be more concerned with your own safety.

Shadowrise Tower?
It's that tall, looming building in the distance. I'd stay away from there if I were you.

You've got a long way to go before you can even think of facing me, <Hero>.

The denizens of our dank hole are usually pretty quick to pick up on threats. But at the moment, everyone is hunkering down. Hoarding supplies (except for that blasted blacksmith. Always ready to take advantage of a panic). Something is coming, and they can feel it. So can I.

I bet you can also see the dirt and… let's call it red mud. Quick one, you are. The shadows have always been here. But them whispering? No. *snort.* That's new. Stay out of the shadows.

Location: Dreadrock Citadel


Thanks to Apus.

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