K'Thurr And Arashtii!


«Scene: Sokrakiis, Kagg, and Hero to the left of Krellenos making a Chaos Beast.»

Hero: Krellenos! I challenge you -

«Screen zooms in on Krellenos.»

Krellenos: Ahaha, save your breath, Hero. There is nothing you can do to stop me now.
Krellenos: The spirits of this temple have been Chaorrupted, and once I use the Sh'karr Needle to tap into the heart of the temple -

«Screen moves to Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg.»

Kagg: My people…

Sokrakiis: And mine… will be completely vulnerable to him.
Sokrakiis: Hero, we MUST stop him!

«Khasaanda comes in.»

Khasaanda: Krellenos! You are ruining everything! How could you do this to me?!

«Screen zooms in on Khasaanda.»
«Khasaanda starts using magic.»

Khasaanda: Eeeesa… Ch'yva… Ashaaaaari - Violet blood sliding off the edges of a blade into a deep abyss. Tribes intertwined, ripped apart.
Khasaanda: Brought together before the shattered crown is made whole. It comes, it comes. He rises! He falls! And she is left… standing alone.

«Khasaanda stops using magic and moves out.»

Krellenos: So sweet, so sad. She always was the quiet one. Pity none of you will get to know her now.

«Krellenos turns around and raises his fists in the air.»
«A burst of Chaos turns the screen purple for one second.»
«Krellenos fists have purple flames surround them.»

Hero: Kagg, Sokrakiis! I have an idea… but it will take the efforts of both tribes. Here is what we need to do -

«Screen zooms in on Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg.»

Hero: *whisper* *whisper* *whisper*

«Screen zooms out showing everyone.»

Hero: Krellenos!

«Screen moves to Sokrakiis raising his fists in blue flames and uses his magic»
«Screen moves to Kagg raising his spear and using it.»
«Screen moves to Krellenos with the ground cracking behind him.»
«Screen moves back to Sokrakiis.»

Sokrakiis: We should leave. Now!

«Sokrakiis, Kagg, and Hero run out.»
«Screen moves to the sky where a fireball is hurling towards Krellenos.»
«Screen moves to Krellenos looking up at the fireball and using his Chaos Magic.»

«The fireball hits the ground right where Krellenos is.»
«Screen goes white.»
«Screen goes to Dregas, Tlax, Sput, Sokrakiis, Hero, Kagg, Khasaanda, Bachius, and Zot outside of Bloodtusk Ravine.»

Hero: I should have guessed - all the clues in the document from the Alliance Headquarters pointed towards one of the Twins.

«Screen zooms in on Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg.»
«Hero turns his head towards Sokrakiis.»

Sokrakiis: You are overly harsh. Krellenos was always so friendly, so positive. So quick to use his visions to help us.

«Hero turns his head towards Kagg.»

Kagg: It appears his visions have helped, yes. To bring us to the edge of Chaorruption.

Hero: Raaaaah!!

«Screen moves to Bachius.»

Bachius: I never trusted that one! TOO friendly! Too quick to help a - a halfbreed.

«Screen moves back to Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg.»

Sokrakiis: My friend, with your skill at music -

Kagg: And your battle prowess… yes, even K'Thurr knows of your strong arm -

Sokrakiis: You show us the best of both tribes. You must put aside your childhood bitterness.

«Screen moves to T'Lax.»

T'Lax: But the Trolls! The Chaos Lord is a TROLL!

«Screen moves back to Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg again.»
«Kagg raises his spear.»

Kagg: And hurt them as much as us! Krellenos killed his own brother! Arashtii has paid in blood for his defection.
Kagg: WE must unite, all of us.

«Screen zooms in on Hero.»
«Hero raises his fist.»

Hero: He will NOT be allowed to shatter your homes or your people! It is the only way you can save yourselves.

«Screen zooms out showing Sokrakiis, Hero, and Kagg.»

Sokrakiis: We have you, Hero. And our allies? You will join us, so that we may defeat Chaos together?

«Kagg raises his spear again.»

Kagg: For K'Thurr! For Arashtii! For Blood!

Hero: The ravine and blood-spattered history have separated you for far too long. The time has come to build bridges - over the ravine, and over the past.

«Screen moves to Khasaanda, Bachius, and Zot.»
«Khasaanda walks forward.»

Khasaanda: He grows stronger! I can feeeeeeel him! He binds beast to Cha - Ooooooooh!

«Khasaanda collapses to the ground.»
«Screen moves to Hero.»

Hero: We must hurry. Gather your peoples, both of you. We must plan our next move.

«Screen fades.»

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