Healer Trainer
Hello, dear Adventurer. If you choose to train with me as a Healer, you will learn how to harness white magic and master the healing arts. You will be able to repair damage done to yourself and others, and even learn to protect others from taking the full extent of an attack's damage.

To be a effective and true Healer, you will need Intellect, Endurance and Wisdom. Each of the Enhancements that I sell will strengthen all of these stats.

- Reserved Enh Shop - Healer
- Lvl 50+ Healer

- Juvania's Quests
- Juvania's Shop
- Juvania's Upgrade Shop


Note: Inscriptions on staff translate to "MILTONIUS" (x3) and "SECRETSWILLBETOLD" (x1).

Thanks to Nightly, Zero IX and .Shadow//.

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