Justitica Per Belli


«Scene: Fiamme, Galanoth, Hero, and Varga»

Varga: Welcome, <Hero> and Galanoth, to Justitia Per Belli, my army's personal training grounds.

Hero: Woah! This place is amazing!

Varga: Unfortunately, we don't have time for a grand tour. Our allies are just barely keeping Tyndarius's forces at bay. Whatever you are planning, you must do it quickly.

Galanoth: What is your plan, <Hero>?

Hero: I have a theory that only with the help of the Elemental Champions will we be able to stop Malgor and his Shadowflame.

Galanoth: Why is that?

Hero: Back when Malgor was trying to forge an Alliance with Gravelyn, one of his minions tried to infect her with the Shadowflame.
Hero: However, instead of being corrupted, she used her Champion powers to destroy Malgor's minion.
Hero: More importantly, through her brief connection to the Shadowflame, she heard Malgor in pain! She was actually able to hurt him!

Galanoth: How is that possible? Elemental powers don't seem to have any effect on Shadowflame.
Galanoth: You say how he tore through Lady Fiamme's defenses. Even Lady Fiamme herself couldn't inflict damage to him.

Fiamme: That is the key difference between and Element's Avatar and Champion. Champions *aren't* Elementals. They are mortal.
Fiamme: Champions are chosen by the Elemental Plane itself, not its Avatar. That's why you are still Fire's Champion despite Tyndarius's current position.
Fiamme: The power you wield is the purest form of Fire magic, coming straight from the Plane's Core.

Varga: And since you are mortal, you have something that Elemental beings do not: Hope.
Varga: Elementals beings are created strictly to server their Plane. Even the Avatars themselves are bound to this.
Varga: There is no Hope in a lifetime of servitude. And Hope is the one thing that can oppose the Shadowflame, a force that purely survives through people's pain and anguish.
Varga: That is why Malgor seeks to infect Lore's leylines and nexuses. If he gets the Shadowflame into the leylines, he will have every local resident under his control.
Varga: And like I said, there is no Hope in servitude. Therefore, there would be nothing left to stop Malgor.

Hero: And that's why we need to train, Galanoth!
Hero: We are the only ones who can survive the Fire Plane, so we are the only ones that can face Tyndarius and Malgor!
Hero: That's why I asked Varga to train us! Her troops have gone toe to toe with Malgor and his armies countless times! If anyone can train us to beat them, it's her!

Galanoth: I still don't understand my role as a Champion, the Fire one, nonetheless.
Galanoth: But if it means defeating Tyndarius, I will train my hardest.

Hero: That's the spirit! Let's get going!

«Scene: Elius, Malgor, and Tyndarius»

Elius: I'm sorry, Lord Tyndarius, but <Hero> and his allies have been pushing back our forces.
Elius: We are also completely outnumbered by the Elementals sent by the other Avatars and we have been forced to regroup our entire force just outside of the Embersea.

Tyndarius: They choose NOW to intervene! Against ME!

Malgor: Of course. They see you as a threat. They wouldn't intervene if *their* lives weren't on the line.
Malgor: They are scared, and they will do anything to stop you. But don't worry.
Malgor: I won't let them.

Tyndarius: And how do you plan on doing that?

Malgor: The same way I plan on bringing peace to all of Lore.

By taking the Mana Core.

«Scene fades»

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