Justice Prevails


Note: Galanoth appears with a prosthetic arm if the player has completed the Etherstorm Wastes saga.

«Scene: Goregold lies defeated on top of his gold hoard»

Goregold: You are no better than me!
Goregold: You think you deserve this treasure more than I do?

Galanoth: No.
Galanoth: But the people it was stolen from do.
Galanoth: The villages who have been made destitute by your greed, and the greed of other dragons.
Galanoth: It will all be returned to them.
Galanoth: And the Order of Dragonslayers will have restored its good name.

«Scene fades»

«Scene turns red as Galanoth brings his sword down into Goregold's skull»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Ashfall Camp»

Hero: I'm really sorry, guys. I should never have suspected you.
Hero: (If it makes you feel better, Galanoth never even considered any of you.)
Hero: We just… never thought it could be anyone but a Dragonslayer.
Hero: And it all made so much sense…

Dedara: Well, you should have asked ME. I'd suspected it was a dragon from the start!
Dedara: The greed… the wanton violence… I've read about a similar event that happened long ago.
Dedara: A single incident, and not very well known. But my books cover SO much of our order's history.

Gibbs: That's why we were all in that cave. We'd tracked it down.

Senna: Which… you'd have found out if you'd been listening to us.
Senna: Though, your elaborate theory WAS pretty interesting.

Hero: Guess I should give up on being a gumshoe.

Dedara: No way! Your deductions actually made a lot of sense.
Dedara: Not even the great Hemlock Bones could have done better!

Hero: Hemlock Bones?

Dedara: My favorite fictional detective! I'll lend you some of his books sometime!

Galanoth: Now that this case has been solved, we should focus on the other Deadly Dragons.

Hero: Here's hoping the next one isn't such a mystery!

«Scene fades»

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