Justice For Deadfly



«Scene: Text on Screen»

With the Commander slain, Deadfly's curse had ended.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Emily hugging Deadfly»

«Scene: Text on Screen»

Still dead, but no longer a monster, he and his love were finally reunited.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Emily, Deadfly, Voltaire and the Hero standing in Rotfinger»

Loremaster Emily: Thank you. Both of you. We are eternally grateful for what you've done.

Hero: But… what happens next?

«Hero pointing at Deadfly»

Hero: He's… still dead, isn't he? Still stuck in the Underworld.

«Emily looks at Deadfly»

Loremaster Emily: And I'm not. Yes, you're right about that.
Loremaster Emily: But when I want to see him, I need only stand by the portal and speak his name three times.
Loremaster Emily: We will never truly be apart. Never again.

«Deadfly pulls Emily in for a hug»

«Scene fades»

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