Just You and Me


«Scene: Gravelyn in Malgor's realm»

Gravelyn: I think we’re getting close. I can smell his corruption all around us.

«The background fades to black»

Gravelyn: Hero? Where are you?

Krahen: <Hero> isn’t here.
Krahen: No one can see you. No one can hear you.

«Scene: A shadowy bird appears»

Krahen: It’s just you and me, little shadow.

Gravelyn: I’m not afraid of you!

Krahen: No, of course not. Why would you be?
Krahen: Aren’t we friends now? We can be.

«The shadows cover Gravelyn»

Krahen: You’ve always been a creature of the shadows, haven’t you?

«Gravelyn is turned into a shadow version of her»

Krahen: You were meant to be a part of this. A part of us.

«Scene: Close up of Gravelyn»

Gravelyn: I think you’ve forgotten who you’re dealing with.

«Gravelyn's eyes start glowing white»

Gravelyn: I am the Champion of Light!

«Gravelyn purifies herself»

Gravelyn: Your shadows have no control over me.

Krahen: So I see.

«Krahen transforms into a humanoid form»

Krahen: We’ll do this the old fashioned way, then.

«Scene fades»

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