Just Like She Did


«Scene: Teja and Bloodbone in the keep»

First Mate Bloodbone: The Shadowlord be arrivin' soon, Cap'n.
First Mate Bloodbone: We'll be needin' to apprehend <Hero> before <he/she> gets here.

Teja: Don't ya be worryin' about <him/her>.
Teja: After th' sudden appearance o' me old first mate, we're gained <his/her> trust.
Teja: <He'll/She'll> be goin' nowhere.

First Mate Bloodbone: I hope ye be right.
First Mate Bloodbone: Shadowlord Malgor won't be too pleased with us if ye're not.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Ricky and Teja in the keep»

Keelhaul Ricky: Ye're not really considerin' turning her over to this guy, are ye?
Keelhaul Ricky: Were it not for <Hero>, I wouldn't even BE here right now.

Teja: That be true, Ricky, and don't think I'm not grateful.
Teja: But this be what the Shadowlord wants.

Keelhaul Ricky: That so? You be bowin' to someone else now?
Keelhaul Ricky: That ain't like you. Who IS this guy?

Teja: He be the one who was there when everything fell apart.
Teja: I owe him, Ricky.

Keelhaul Ricky: Yeah? Owe him what?
Keelhaul Ricky: This doesn't feel right to me. What is it he wants?

Teja: …to stop the fightin'.
Teja: To make sure nothing like what happened to us… ever happens again.

Keelhaul Ricky: Yeah? An' how's he doin' that?

«Scene: Teja and an army of monstrous pirates»

Keelhaul Ricky: By makin' everyone just like him?
Keelhaul Ricky: Just like she did?

«Scene: Ricky and Teja»

Teja: Look at me, Ricky. Does it look like he's done that to me?

Keelhaul Ricky: No. Not yet.
Keelhaul Ricky: But if ye stop doin' what he wants, how long do ye think that will last?

«Scene fades»

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