Journey to Za'Nar


«Daz shoots an arrow to a Fire Ki'lk while Jir'abin defeats Hero, then the group, including Warlic, reunite around him»

Warlic: He will be alright, my friends. But Jir'abin's attacks were brutal.
Warlic: It may be that, of all the heroes on Lore, only <Hero> COULD have survived them. The power was that great.
Warlic: Even so, hew will need at least a day to recover. In that time… What shall you do?
Warlic: Your world is in even greater danger now that he has the power he sought.

Klyde: We'll go back to Za'nar and fight him!

Sael: Yes. With both Za'nar and Lore in danger, we must.

Klyde: I can teleport us all back to Za'nar!

Rath: But how are we going to fight Jir'abin? I mean, he's so much stronger now with that Chaos!

Daz: There are legends of a ring capable of producing a shield so powerful that nothing can pass through it. I think I might know where it is.

Sael: You refer to the Ring of Light. None know if it exists even.

Zail: It's been lost for ages. Why would you know where it is?

Daz: Do you doubt the amazing Daz Acer? I have a hunch its in the Tomb of De'ther on planet Walsh.
Daz: The resting place… and modern tourist trap… of the Ancient Magi who invented Shielding.

Fae: If we found the Ring of Light… us and <Hero> could withstand Jir'abin's attacks better@

Klyde: Alright! Then let's go!

«Hero wakes up»

Hero: *Groan* This doesn't LOOK like the afterlife.
Hero: Sael! Fae! Is Jir'abin dead?

Warlic: Not quite. Not yet. This was just the first battle. The war must continue…
Warlic: On the Planet Za'nar. And your friends and I will journey with you.

«Scene fades»

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