Drow Assassin
Quiet, you fool! Do not let anyone see us talking or I'll have to do away with you myself.

Okay, but first I wanna ask you something.

Well, what did you want to know?

Who are you?
My name is Jorxlol. I am the leader of the elite assassin clan Breethen D'irt, the most feared assassin group in the underside. Even the bravest drow warrior will only whisper our name for fear that one of us will be in the shadows listening… and we usually are.

Why are you helping?
There are several very good reasons. First, Lord Vath is powerful and pays well, but Elder Ironfist has paid me better from his hidden stores of gold. Dwarves always have a stash somewhere.


Second, most of Breethen D'irts assassination contracts come from rich drow wishing to do away other rich drow. If Vath unites them under his rule… there goes our business.

I see.

Lastly, the drow and dwarves have had a working friendship for centuries. I even have a few dwarven friends. Well… allies, really. More like people I know, I suppose.. Ok, fine… I haven't met any dwarves, but we undersides need to stick together.

Why the 2 eyepatches?
There's a story behind that but it's need-to-know, and you don't need to know. When you've been an assassin as long as I have, you consider yourself lucky if you've only lost your eyes. Besides, only the very worst assassins actually need to use their eyes!

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After completing the 'Lizard Gizzard' quest:

Drow Assassin
Here's your drow disguise, next time some opens the gate, just sneak in there with them. Good luck, Hero. We're all counting on you to defeat Chaos Dragonlord Vath.

Quests Complete: Head into the keep and confront Lord Vath!

- Jorxlol's Quests
- Drow Shop

Location: Upper Dwarfhold
Note: This NPC is a parody of Jarlaxle Baenre.


Thanks to cornfield10, Vampire Fexy and .Shadow//.

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