Highseas Commander Trainer
Ahoy there, friend! Ye finally have come and made your way on over here, eh? Name's Jonathan and here is where we take land lubbing recruits like yourself and start getting their fins wet to make them seaworthy ready. Ye think you have what it takes to command the tide to your beck and call?

What is a Highseas Commander?
Mixing runes and magic with the skillset of a pirate, the HighSeas Commander is a Naval Commander not to be taken lightly. Comboing your weaponry with the might of your magical runes, you're a step above all pirates who are unlucky enough to cross paths with you.

How to get?
To become a HighSeas Commander, you must have the "10 Years Played" badge and make your way to /highseas.

- HighSeas

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky
Highseas Commanders are a single target dodge based class that use their skills to summon runes, which can then be activated to enhance their combat abilities.

Location: Class Hall C


Thanks to Menace.

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