Johnny Trax's Quest

Quest Location: Skull Dome
Quests Begun From: Johnny Trax


Now it is your turn to climb up on the Skull Dome Stage! Jongaar handed me instructions to teach you how to become a… Doom Metal Necro!? Oh, I get it! This is a know your enemy type of thing!

First, harness the, urk, power of doom. Grab Arch DoomKnight from /shadowvault.

Learn the Neverborn Ritual from Mueran in /dragonrune.

Create a guitar using Doom Metal Ore found on the monsters in /shadowsong, and then decorate it with Bone Picks.

Get your hands on Vordred's rockin undead morph spell in /stonewood.

Finally, harvest some ectoplasm from Ektorax in /ectocave.

Items Required:


  • 200,000 Gold
  • 200,000 Exp


Thanks to Tempu.

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