Job Interview



«Scene: The Hero stands in Sepulchure's office»

Sepulchure: Ah, good! The new nanny. You ARE the new nanny, aren't you?

Hero: Uh. Maybe? This doesn't really look like the place that the want ad described.

Sepulchure: "Single working dad seeks live-in help to care for young child in a roomy yet homey locale"? Of course it is.

Hero: Oh.

Sepulchure: Now, I want to make sure you understand how important this job is.
Sepulchure: My work, as you can imagine, takes up a lot of my time. It is vital that I have someone to help with my more… domestic duties.
Sepulchure: You are going to be personally responsible not only for keeping my home clean and tidy…
Sepulchure: But also for the most important thing in my life: my daughter.
Sepulchure: I know, I know. Every parent says the same thing.
Sepulchure: But not every parent is the Champion of Darkness. I trust you understand what I'm getting at, here.

Hero: *gulps* Yes.

Sepulchure: Ok, thats great! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.
Sepulchure: Horatio, my combination virtual assistant and baby monitor system, will let you know if anything has gone wrong.

«Horatio flies onscreen from the right»

Sepulchure: Oh, look. There it goes now. You'd better see what the problem is.

«Scene fades»

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