Jinmenju Tree Shrine

Informative Information Kiosk
Hajimemashite. You are currently at the Shrine of the Jinmenju. Would you like to know more about the Yokai local to the area? Please keep our land clean and do not feed the Yokai. Arigatou gozaimasu.

The Jinmenju is a seemingly normal tree whose branches are laden with peculiar plump fruit. The fruit—similar to that of a peach𠅌ontains a fully-functional human face, complete with eyes, nose, and mouth.

Apparently this fruit is edible, but I'm not sure who would willingly bite into something that resembles the head of a human…

Like many of the Yokai, Tanuki are playful pranksters who are fond of shape-shifting and hiding things for their enjoyment. This half Raccoon half Dog is quite famous throughout Akiba and can be found in the expansive Bamboo Forests on the Island

Keep in mind that the Tanuki motives are more mischievous than malicious!

Soul Taker
The SoulTaker, or Wanyudo, is one of the oldest Yokai known to man, originating over 1,000 years ago. The Wanyudo takes the form of a flaming wagon wheel with an enraged face in place of the hub.

The Soul Taker is incredibly vicious and unforgiving, often destroying urban cities and its residents without remorse. The only way to somewhat protect yourself from his wrath is with an Ofuda, or a paper talisman.

Location: Bamboo Forest


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