Jimmy the Eye (NPC)

Warlic's Helper
I'm not sure when Warlic will be back, but I often handle his business when he's away. If you wish to replay the story, I will be happy to send you questing in his place.

The Personal Toxin Monitor - PTM for short - is a bit of technology Lim is developing to help us suvive survive out here. It will measure the amount of toxin you've been exposed to; when you've reached your limit it will turn black. When that happens, you'll have to come back here so Twilly and I can purge the toxin from your body.

This thing that appeared from the Rift - we don't know what it is. We've heard the smaller Rift creatures calling it Extriki, and "destroyer". They even seem a little scared of it; you can watch them all scatter like roaches when they see it coming.

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Thanks to Eldant and Peachii.

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