Jimmy "THE EYE" Heart (Cutscene)


«Scene: Artix's Wedding»

Michelle: Wow! You have some serious fighting skills <hero>!

Hero: I'm just happy to help.

Preacher: *AHEM* Are we ready for the best part of the ceremony?

Adam: The part where we say "I do" and then kiss?

Preacher: NO! The part where WWE Legend Jimmy Hart busts through the door! I am a HUGE fan of old school wrestling!



«Jimmy the Eye-Hart enters»

Jimmy the Eye-Hart: Adam & Michelle are GETTING MARRIED!

Preacher: Oh my gosh, is that Jimmy HA….R….T….. WHAT THE!?

Jimmy the Eye-Hart: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jimmy The Eye" is one of our game's most beloved flying eyeballs. This is clearly one of his less talked about brothers… for obvious reasons.

«Screen fades»

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