Nation Loremaster
<Hero>, is it? Master Nulgath speaks quite highly of you. I am Jadzia, head of the Nation Loremasters. If you truly are worthy of the praise the Archfiend bestows upon you, perhaps you would be interested in aiding us with our studies? The Nation would be happy to compensate you for your time- as well as for any Lore Scrolls or ‘specimens’ you bring to us.

Nation Loremasters are not only scribes, but also the scientists and researchers of the Nation.The more we learn about ourselves, the abyss and our master Nulgath, the better we can serve him. To fully aid him, we must understand and remove the imperfections and flaws that plague his domain.. no matter how many must be sacrificed during the pursuit of doing so. One cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

To build a stronger Nation, we must begin from the ground up. When the weak grow strong, the strong are forced to grow stronger, lest they become the weak themselves. In the Archfiend’s army, the Makai are the lowest of the low. But with a slight nudge in the right direction, they may have the potential to become so much more.
Our lord’s more prevalent followers have previously made their names in the Nation through a combination of strength, cruelty and cunning- but nowadays, even the strongest among them are content to grow weak as they wait. Simply pathetic. By studying their flaws, we can create future champions who do not possess such weaknesses. Those who remain must improve, or be crushed underfoot.

Fiend Shard
The denizens of the Abyss have all heard tales of the Fiend Shard, but only those closest to him- myself included- know the finer details of its existence. If we could study and master the crystal, which holds the power of the great demon Adimonde, the Nation would be able to crush all of Lore in a fortnight. Why then, I wonder, is our master so reluctant to allow us access to it?

The continued existence of Taro Blademaster is one that not even I fully understand. It is perplexing, to say the least, as to why a Horc such as himself not only chooses to walk the path of the samurai, but to live in a domain such as this when he has no loyalty or debt to its ruler. And yet, his power speaks for itself. One cannot live in this abyss without being a monster in their own right. Intriguing, is it not?

- Taro's Diary

- Jadzia's Quests

After completing the 'The Wanderer's Words' quest:

Nation Loremaster
Our power grows with every discovery, and the Archfiend is pleased. Do not worry, <Hero>.. your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The diary you recovered from Taro is yours to read, and master Nulgath has permitted me to share the armory of the Nation Loremasters with you. You are welcome to continue assisting us whenever you like. After all, there is always more to learn.

- Jadzia's Quests
- Bonus Quest
- Fiendish LoreMaster Merge
- Taro's Diary

Location: Tercessuinotlim

  • Shoulder note translates to "NULGATH THE ALMIGHTY POWER OVER ALL".
  • Also see Fiendish Loremaster.

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