Evolved Pumpkin Lord Trainer
Why hello there, mortal… You seem surprised seeing me up and about. Do you think of me as some cursed, trapped pawn, only to spring up on Mogloween? I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you cannot stop a Pumpkin Lord from harvesting a fresh crop…

What is a Evolved Pumpkin Lord?
With a little bit of Mogloween magic, these evil magical pumpkins spring up during the full moon on Mogloween Night. The problem is, they remain AFTER Mogloween has passed…

How to get?
To become an Evolved Pumpkin Lord, you must travel to the /cruxship and trade in 500 Glowing Pumpkin Seeds. You also may purchase it every mogloween inside the Seasonal shop during October for Adventure Coins.

- Cruxship

How to use?
Recommended enhancements: Fighter, Lucky.
Evolved Pumpkin Lords can grow their plant-like powers and focus them into defense or offense. They excel at single target damage output, but are vulnerable while doing so.

Location: Class Hall B


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