Jackery Tombstone

Before completing the 'Floor 20' quest:

Camping Witch Doctor
Go camping they say. Have some fun they say. It's relaxing, they say! Does this look relaxing? No. The answer is no. Ever since I got here there has been this…voice sending me on quests. But I don't want to quest, I want to rest! That's not gonna happen here though. No, no no no. Not with this voice. I just want to crawl into my tent and brew something.

- Jackery Tombstone's Quests

After completing the 'Floor 20' quest:

Camping Witch Doctor
Oh, that is MUCH better. Now that the voice is silent, I can finally get some sleep. And once I get some sleep I'll be able to gather all the ingredients that I need for all of my potions! You have the Staff of Mayhem now… be sure if you use it wisely!

Where can I go now?
If you desire further adventures, you can go see Donovan in the Killer Catacombs or Viridi in the Pyramid of Pain! Any battle against Chaos is worth fighting, after all!

- Killer Catacombs
- Pyramid of Pain

Location: Deadly Dungeon
Note: Previously accessible to Free Players.


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