Jack's Quests

Jump to: Giant Tale, Smuurvil (Location), Andre.

Quest Location: Giant Tale
Quests Begun From: Jack (NPC)

Note: This quest can only be done once.

This place is HUGE! I don't even know where to begin looking…so that's why I'm gonna let you take this mission solo. Travel as far as far as you can to report your findings to me when you're done. If you find any clues as to where the villagers can be, pleas bring it back to me as well. It's kinda what we're here for, anyway. Go on now!

Items Required:

  • Obvious Villager Clue
    • Go to Screen 8


  • 0 Gold
  • 0 Exp

Thanks to coblet.

Quest Location: Smuurvil (Location)
Quests Begun From: Jack (NPC)

  • Must have completed quests in Giant Tale (see above).
  • These quests cannot be accessed after finishing the 'There Is No Spoon' quest.

OK, first off we're going to need a LIST of ingredients! It's great that Skynner had heard of the potion but had no idea what was in it, huh? Anyway, one of these Smuurvils has GOT to have it on them. I'll…. uh…. guard this spot while you get it.

Items Required:


  • 100 Gold
  • 100 Exp

Thanks to LiteSage.

Quest Location: Andre
Quests Begun From: Jack (NPC)
Note: These quests can only be completed once.

In order to climb the giant's leg, you'll need to get rid of his huge, stompy foot!

Items Required:


  • 2000 Gold
  • 2000 Exp

Thanks to Taryth.

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