Jack (NPC)

The 'Magical Fruit' Farmer
I seriously can't believe this. I actually do something cool and productive like making a Chickencow Ladder to-an-uncharted-Giant-realm-thing and THIS is the thanks I get? Yea, stealing all my townsfolk is great for my teenage self-esteem. Thanks, Giant.

Pffft, just look at this place. It's ginormous. My townsfolk could be anywhere by now. Even allll the waaaaay over in his castle. (I am only assuming it is the Giants castle and am assuming that it is a he).

The only way for sure is to send a scout—hey, you! Yea, you're perfect! Look at how you're dressed compared to me; you are MUCH more suited for a reconnaissance. Yup.

So whaddya say? Help me save my townsfolk in exchange for a foreshadowed story-to-tell-the-kids-back-home-in-Yulgar's-Inn. I know I'm game.

- Jack's Quests


Note: This NPC is a parody of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk.


Thanks to ch11, drsgon slainer, Gengstupid and Kienkai.

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