J6 (NPC)

Amateur Superhero
"Freeze, dirt bag!"

"It's too hot out to freeze."
"It's an idiom."
"WHAT did you just call me?!?"
"Just shoot the guy already, will you?"

After completing the 'FUNdraisers' quest:

Amateur Superhero
Hold it right there! No longer will you torment these poor civilians! Give up now, or meet your untimely demise!


Boss Mucous

Evil Henchmen Leader
BWAHA! You call yourself a superhero? More like a super ZERO! Challenge accepted!

After completing Booger's Quests:

Part Man, Part Machine
Someone is being attacked! We need to keep moving. No, we need to help. No, we need to help ourselves.

Help Them/Turn Around
Life isn't easy. Sometimes you have to take the time to help those in need. We can do great things! Let's start by teaching that punk some manners!

After defeating Thug Minion:

Part Man, Part Machine
We did it! It feels good to do good. Couldn't have said it any better myself. We need a costume. Not big on running around looking like a mad scientist? We could do better. I like the way you think. Me too.

- Finish



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