J6: Fears!



Hero: Wow, J6's haunted house is really popular!
Hero: Whatever he did must be working REALLY well!


Hero: Holy crap! What does he have IN there? It's even scaring Dage!

J6: Of course it is! My custom haunted house experience is specially tailored to each guest's worst fears!
J6: Why don't you come in and see what you helped me build?

Hero: I'm not sure I'm prepared to see what kind of torture you have in store for me.

J6: You know, I never actually got to collect your fears - you never put my helmet on.
J6: But that's ok! We can go in as spectators, and see what horrors it creates for all of our friends.

Hero: I'm not sure that's going to be any better.

J6: You sure? I think Artix is in there now. Now THAT was a fun psyche to flip through.

Hero: Artix, eh? Ok, this should be interesting. Let's do it.

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