J6 Boots Up


«Scene: a black screen»

Enabling_Root A.I…
Loading HUD…
Loading Live Feed…

«Scene: Tyrone McAllister stands in front of J6's helmet»

McAllister: Can you see me?

Helmet: User error. Cannot preform function. Query terminated.

McAllister: Oh no no no, this won't do.

Helmet: …what… what is going on? Am I alive? Am I dead? Who are you? Are you all right? Are you dead?

McAllister: I am Tyrone McAllister.
McAllister: I was hired by the Inertia Armed Forces to create a weapon so their soldiers could become more efficient killers.
McAllister: But my creation was just too remarkable to hand it over to Inertia. So I escaped and took my creation with me.
McAllister: And you… you are that creation.


Inertia Armed Forces: Open up, McAllister! We know you're in there! And we know you stole Inertia property!
Inertia Armed Forces: You have 3 seconds to cooperate!
Inertia Armed Forces: 3!

McAllister: Oh-no, Oh-no, Oh-no!!

Inertia Armed Forces: 2!

McAllister: What do I do?!?!

Inertia Armed Forces: 1!

Helmet: Put me on your head, Tyrone McAllister.

McAllister: What?!

Inertia Armed Forces: 0!

«McAllister puts the helmet on»

McAllister: I..

«McAllister looks around»

McAllister: Quick! They're coming!

J6: I need a weapon.

«J6 scans the room and sees some screws»

J6: Misc hardware. Weapon class: Projectile.

«J6 looks at the soldiers pointing their guns at him»

Inertia Armed Forces: HALT!

«J6 throws the screws at them, knocking the guns out of their hands»

Inertia Armed Forces: YIKES! Er… I think we need backup…

Inertia Armed Forces: Um… Retreat!

«J6 takes a gun and runs off»

«Scene fades»

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