Rogue Class Trainer
Rogues follow their own set of rules. With a combination of speed, evasive footwork, and poison, you take your enemies by surprise.

How to get?
You want to be a Rogue? I can sell the class to you here! You can also buy it from Metrea in /trainers.

- Metrea's Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Thief
Rogue dodges frequently, deals damage with quick strikes, and excels in finishing off opponents. It can mitigate a lot of damage with Footwork, which also increases the speed of its already-quick auto-attack. Be sure to use Opportunity's Strike just before Viper's Kiss fades - that's when it hits hardest. And use Stiletto when your opponent is low on health to increase the damage you deal.

Location: Class Hall A
Note: Also see List of all Rogue Armors.


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