It was all a Dream


«Scene: Miranda lies on the ground. William's ghost reaches out a hand. The screen fills with light, and when it fades, both William and Miranda are ghosts.»

Miranda: William? Oh…
Miranda: I… remember now.
Miranda: We had gotten into an argument in the midway. I ran off…
Miranda: When William found me, I was here, on the cliff, crying.

William: I told you I was sorry we'd fought. And I reached out to help you up.

Miranda: But when I stood up, I slipped on the loose gravel…
Miranda: You tried to catch me, but we both fell of together.

Hero: But… you were alive. I saw you.

Miranda: No. It was the song.
Miranda: It was showing us my dream. …a dream where we were both still alive.

Hero: Miranda, I'm so sorry.

Miranda: Don't be. It's ok. I've accepted it now.
Miranda: I just needed to remember.

«White flash»

Miranda: Thank you for helping us.

«Miranda and William flicker and disappear»

«Fade to white»

«Scene: Hero with Crystal Bright and her band»

Hero: Whoa. Did I imagine all that?
Hero: You really ARE a great illusionist!
Hero: And you helped two people who really needed it. Thank you.

Crystal Bright: Who, me? I didn't do anything. I'm just a musician.
Crystal Bright: What people see is up to them. Though it's usually exactly what they need.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Crystal Bright performs onstage»

«Scene fades»

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