It's Over



«Scene: Black screen»


«THAT explodes into a black ball of energy»

THAT: I am immortal! I am eternal!
THAT: You can't destroy meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

«Scene: The Hero and Chilly»

Hero: Ha! Looks like we CAN, you big donkey patoot!
Hero: Nyah, nyah, nya-

«Chilly gets pulled offscreen to the right»

«The Hero gets pulled offscreen to the right, too»

«The Hero and Chilly are sucked into the glowing ball of energy»


«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero and Chilly fall out of the air onto the ground of the Mystcroft Forest»

Hero: Ow.

Chilly: Oh, my head.

«Scene: The Hero and Chilly standing»

Chilly: Am I dweaming? Or are we…

…home. It took us HOME.

Chilly: Boy, is that a welief! I thought we were goners.
Chilly: And wook! The kids are back!

«Scene: Trouble and Toil with Bubble and her cat and some other children»

Toil: Bubble!

Toil: We're so glad you're safe!

Bubble: Thanks to Chilly and <Hero>!

«Scene: The three sisters and the Hero and Chilly»

Bubble: Is it over?

Chilly: I think so. I don't feew him anymore.
Chilly: That sense of dwead… it's finawwy gone. For good!

Bubble: Don't worry, I'm sure there will be some new terrible thing next year.

Chilly: Why would you say that? Let me have my moment!

Bubble: I got SO much inspiration while I was down there! I've got all KINDS of spooky ideas for next Mogloween.
Bubble: Picture this: a werepyre, crossed with the Old Ones.

Hero: Oh, no. We've already had enough of that already.

Bubble: At first, it bocks just like a normal wolf. But then suddenly - huge wings! Tentacles everywhere!

Chilly: But… why would you DO that?

Trouble: Oh. we know all ABOUT those kinds of summons!

Toil: They're so much fun! Let us help!

Trouble: I'm sure there's something in the Plane of Monsters that would fit your vision.

Chilly: I'm just going be over there… cwying in the corner…

Hero: Me too, buddy. Me too.

«Scene fades»

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