It's Not Lazy, it's Efficient!


«Scene: Kezeroth and Karok fight. Kezeroth lands a critical hit on Karok.»

Kezeroth: There is no being on Lore that is stronger than me.
Kezeroth: You were foolish to start this fight!

Karok: I have no desire to fight with you, Kezeroth!

«Karok fires a blue blast of energy at Kezeroth»

Karok: But if war is what you want, I will not hold back!

«Scene: Hero, Syrrus, and Abel hiding behind some pillars»

Hero: Dang! If they keep this up, there's not going to be anyone left for us to fight!

Syrrus: You know, that's actually not a bad idea.
Syrrus: If we take advantage of this situation…

Abel: …we could use one brother to defeat the other!

Syrrus: Exactly!

Hero: I like the way you guys think.
Hero: But which one should I aim for?

«Scene fades»

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