It's Gone Mad!


«Scene: The Ubear blocks the path of the LIMFT while the Hero, Lim, and Cysero look on»

Lim: Cysero! How could you do this??

Cysero: It’s not my fault! The bear’s gone mad!

«Lim pulls out a sock»

Lim: Don’t you feed me that line! I’ve seen the sock-golems you sent in to sabotage us!

Cysero: What? No! They were supposed to be helping me CATCH it!
Cysero: The Ubear wants more honey… and he thinks your LIMft has it!

Lim: Oh, well uh… it kind of does.

Cysero: WHAT?

Lim: Yeah, I’ve also been working on a species of genetically altered giant bees.

Cysero: Why would you do that?!?

Lim: What can I say? I like honey!

«Scene fades»

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