It's-a Me, Cupid



«Scene: Hero and Beleen standing in front of Eros who is holding a heart»

Eros: Finally… it's ready.

«Scene: A close up on the red heart pumping»

Eros: Like I said… love is a delicate business.

«Scene: Even a closer view at the heart, that's now white and glowing»

Eros: And in the wrong hands…

«Scene: Heart starts to transform»

Eros: Cupid's arrow…

«Scene: Heart transforms into the Stolen Heart»

Eros: …can be devastating!

Beleen: Omigosh! You're not a scientist at ALL!

Hero: "Expand the heart," he said. Yeah, I guess we shoulda seen this one coming.

Beleen: But why? Why are you doing this?

Eros: Geez, Beleen, you still don't get it? You can't go playing with people's hearts like this!

Beleen: Why not? Don't you do the same thing?

Eros: It's my JOB to pair people up! Matchmaking is an art… no, a SCIENCE! And none of you are trained for it.
Eros: Don't you even realize the damage you could have done?

Beleen: Ugh, fine. I'm sorry. Just… please put it back!

Eros: Oh, believe me, I'm going to. I would never leave this kind of mess behind! But first…

«Close up on the Stolen Heart»

Eros: …let's finish this lesson in love!

«Stolen Heart bites the air»

«Scene fades»

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