Ironfist's Quests

Quest Location: Dwarfhold Keep
Quests Begun From: Ironfist
Requirements: Must have completed the 'Give Snowbeard His Gold' quest.

Note: This quest can only be completed once.

Freeing my people is my fondest wish, and if you defeat Vath, we will be free to reclaim our city once more… but if you try to defeat him, you will fail. It's important to know the enemy that you are up against. You must find the Stone of Memory. It keeps a magical record of our city and its people. It will show you what Vath is capable of. Find the Stone of Memory and see what it must show you, then return to me.

Items Required:

  • Memory Stone x1
    • Click the Stone of Memory on Screen 8


Thanks to cornfield10 and Pmk138.

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