Dwarf Elder
Who are you? How did you get here? Snowbeard has not let me know that anyone coming to help - go find him in the Inn Ternet Tavern and complete his tasks so that I KNOW you are on our side.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Give Snowbeard His Gold' quest:

Dwarf Elder
Over here! Has Snowbeard finally sent help? I am Elder Ironfist and I speak for the people of Dwarfhold. It is good to see you, but I don't think even an army of adventurers like yourself could defeat Chaos Dragonlord Vath.

Come on. How bad can he be?

For centuries, Dwarfhold has stood strong against monsters, armies and thieves. We thought that our city under the mountain was the most fortified Stronghold in all of Lore… and it took Dragolord Vath less than three hours to enslave the entire city.

He enslaved you?

Yes, now we are slaves, working in the mines, sniffing out the gold and gems that lie in the walls of our city for Vath, just to save our own lives. Vath is using our natural love of gold and our natural ability to sniff it out to fund his army. He also has us looking for something else…

Looking for what?

He has come here seeking a rare crystal that only forms deep within this mountain… Chaos Gemeralds. Long ago we discovered that these rare and beautiful gems were formed of solid Chaos.

That doesn't sound good.

We found a way to cut the gems that applies order to their chaotic nature, and makes them safe to handle. Vath has us searching for pure, uncut Chaos Gemeralds. I don’t know what he wants with these shards of insanity but it can’t be good. He must be stopped!

Don't worry, I'll stop him.

Vath is no ordinary Dragonlord. His Dragon Amulet has been corrupted by the forces of Chaos. It has given him amazing strength but it eats away at his mind as an underground river will eat away even the strongest stone. Even his dragon, Stalagbite has become infected with Chaos. We get little sleep and even less food. Unless something is done soon we will die here in the dark.

- Ironfist's Quests
- Ironfist's Daily Quest

After completing the 'Secret Weapons' quest:

Dwarf Elder
Thank you for all your help, my friend! Now, you must gain access the Upper City. I cannot help you with that, but Geopetal can. You can find her near the Heartstone Forge. Good luck, and thank you for all you have done!

Up ahead you will find our oldest and most precious treasure… the Heartstone Forge. The spirit of the mountain has created Geopetal to guard it. It is her sworn duty. If you can persuade her that you want to defend Dwarfhold and the Heartstone Forge, perhaps she will grant you access to Upper City.

- Ironfist's Quests
- Ironfist's Daily Quest




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