Iron Heroes And Nightwyvern


«Scene: Artix's Wedding»

Preacher: … can we continue with the ceremony?

Hero: *Wipes off hands* All clear! You can conti….
Hero: Oh man…

Iron Hero: The wedding's off Michelle! Come and join me at B.L.A.D.E!
Iron Hero: No really, they saw your application tape. They were really impressed.
Iron Hero: Well actually their exact words were they were kind of scared.
Iron Hero: How could one tiny woman take out an entire squad of Marine's like that?
Iron Hero: Michelle I saw the tapes, one of the guys wet himself. So what do you say?

Iron Hero: Leave this Adam guy and come join B.L.A.D.E!

Nightwyvern: Where is she?
Nightwyvern: Do not listen to him. Emoham! Emoham needs you! I need you!
Nightwyvern: Ever since I first saw you fight. You took out a whole team of the Prankster's henchmen.
Nightwyvern: It was beautiful! I knew then and there you would be mine.
Nightwyvern: Come with me and clean the filth off the streets of Emoham.

Nightwyvern: And together we'll practice our martial arts. Groovy dance moves!

Preacher: ?!

Nightwyvern: I also have a cave, you don't need to be with B.L.A.D.E.
Nightwyvern: We can work out on a Total Gym. What do you say? I'm a billionaire you know!

Iron Hero: You can't possibly be thinking about going with him! I'm Crony Dark!
Iron Hero: Everyday I'm hanging out with supermodels. He hangs out in a cave!

Manager: What in the world is going on in here? Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is David Maxwell.
Manager: I’m the Manager here at the Two Kings Inn.
Manager: This isn't funny! We are not covered for this under our insurance.
Manager: I'm going to have to ask you all to leave. Everybody get up and get out.
Manager: Wedding party, this breaks the contract. Everybody must leave.

Manager: Unless you can defeat… my Bell-hops! Come on boys!

«Scene: Bell-hops attack»

Hero: Cysero, Cysero, let me, I got this!
Hero: You may now kiss the bride!
Hero: Anyone else?

«Screen fades»

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