Diabolical Noble
You? What are you doing here? Yet again, another one of you adventurers is interrupting my work. Leave this place at once.

- Go Now

After completing the 'Summoning and Sealing' quest:

Diabolical Noble
It seems you've delved into a darkness unheard of in any tale, Adventurer. What do you seek here? You gain nothing other than getting in the way of my duties. If you're so insistent on bothering me, you will be put to work. The Court has assigned me to retrieve what remains of the previous Lord of this estate, and cleanse the filth that lies within.

Ah… I see promise in your eyes, and a spark in your heart. Be rid of it, and fuel it with putridness. It takes an empty vessel to serve. Whether you are worthy of that title of wretchedness falls upon the choice of The Court.

Of course… You're unaware of the greater power of the Diabolicals. It matters not. They watch us all, always. The Court is quite fond of your work, Adventurer. The voices have many… interesting… stories about you to tell.

- Diabolical Rep Shop
- Ira's Quests

Location: Lost Villa
Note: Replaced by Leftovers after completing the 'A Peculiar Feast' quest.


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