Before completing Invidia's Quests:

Good, you are in time. He waits above. I've seen this place in his dreams. The path to his ship, where he waits, is treacherous. His keep is a reflection of his mind - jumbled, chaotic even without the Chaorruption. It is a sad state he's in. You'll need to find the path, but make sure his spies do not report you. I can only imagine what plans he has in store for you.

My one regret is that we never recovered my grandchildren. Captain, Hero, if you can return them to me once this is all over, I need to secure their futures. They are young enough to recover from the horrors they've seen here. I will make sure they are… educated. Raised up to become as powerful, as dedicated, as you and I.

- Invidia's Quests

After completing Invidia's Quests:

I am free, and so is the Captain! I do not believe you and I are finished, Hero. I've seen your hopes and dreams… and fears. We must make sure that when you face them, I am beside you. Otherwise, who knows what could happen? Until we meet again… sweet dreams.

- Invidia's Quests
- Skyguard Rep Shop


Note: You must complete Granny V's Quests to see Invidia in Skyguard.

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