Invasion of ShadowFall


«Scene: The Hero is knocking on a boarded-up door in Shadowfall.»

Hero: Gravelyn!
Hero: Dang it, where are you?

«Screen changes to Gravelyn standing on top of the castle walls.»

Gravelyn: <Hero>?! What are you doing here?

Hero: Let me in! I need to talk to you!

Gravelyn: Look - I've kinda got my hands full here. I really can't-

Hero: Please! It's important!

Gravelyn: Someone open the door and get <him/her> inside!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Victoria, Gravelyn and the Hero are standing on the ground in front of Shadowfall.»

Gravelyn: This really isn't a good time, <Hero>. What did you need?

Hero: I don't need anything - I came to warn you.
Hero: An army of Infernals has been invading Lore.
Hero: They attacked the Celestial Realm little over a month ago. Stole their Celestial energy, and used it to power their weapons.
Hero: They attacked Doomwood first, and then they can for Darkovia. They drove everyone out.
Hero: And now, they look like they're headed here!

Gravelyn: <Hero>, I really appreciate your concern…
Gravelyn: But you can't seriously think I'm unaware of what's been going on.

Hero: But… then… why are you still here?! You have to evacuate!

Gravelyn: You're sweet, but no. We've got this covered.

Hero: You don't understand! These weapons - they're strong, and we don't have a good defense against them!
Hero: They completely destroyed Darkovia! It isn't safe!

«Screen zooms in on Gravelyn.»

Gravelyn: Oh, sweetie. I'm the leader of the Shadowscythe.
Gravelyn: I've spent my entire life fighting Paladins, and the forces of Good. Of course I can defend against light magic.

«Screen zooms back out.»

Gravelyn: Celestial energy isn't exactly the same, but it's not all that different, either.

Victoria: I've been helping her fortify the castle, and the wall surrounding it. Both physically and magically.
Victoria: We have catapults and archers on the wall, ready to take out any aerial troops.
Victoria: We should be able to hold them off for a pretty long time.
Victoria: And then, when they give up and decide to go after an easier target…

Gravelyn: …we follow them in my father's Flying Fortress, and destroy them.

Hero: Whoa. You've reanimated the fortress?

Gravelyn: Not yet - but we're working on it. We'll get it done.
Gravelyn: We'd get it done faster with an extra set of hands, though.

Hero: I'm not sure how I feel about putting Sepulchure's Flying Fortress back into play.
Hero: But if it will help us fight this Infernal threat - count me in!

«Scene fades.»

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