Invasion, Averted


«Scene: After defeating Malxas at the top of the Infernal Spire»

Hero: Hah! You thought you could invade the Celestial realm, but WE BEAT YOU! Take THAT!

«Scene: The entire spire is shaking heavily all of a sudden»

Hero: Uh oh. What's happening here?

Malxas: What did you think would happen when you defeated me?
Malxas: My power is the only thing holding this spire here in your realm. And now…
Malxas: You have weakened me too much. I am losing my hold.
Malxas: And now… you're coming back to OUR realm with it.

Aranx: Hero! We must leave this place, now!

«Scene: You and Aranx immediately escape out of the spire. From a distance, the spire can be seen being engulfed and disappears»

Arzariel: I am SO relieved that you were able to make it out in time!
Arzariel: But… and I hate to ask this…
Arzariel: What of the weaponry?

Hero: Oh no! The arsenal! We didn't get it out!

Aranx: Indeed… it is back in the Infernal realm with Malxas, now.

Hero: And we don't even know what they're planning to do with it!

Aranx: No, we do not.
Aranx: But I fear we will find out soon enough.

«Scene fades»

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