Introducing Veddrian


«Hero arrives at Bludrut Keep»

Hero: Ah, Bludrut Keep. I'm going to find out what secrets you hold even if I have to knock down every door in there.

?????: My thoughts exactly.

«Veddrian comes out of hiding behind a tree»

Veddrian: I didn't mean to startle you. My name is Veddrian. I'm a SpiritHunter.

Hero: I'm <Hero> and don't worry. It takes a lot more than that startle me. The things ive seen…

Veddrian: That's good if you're going into the depths of Bludrut. I sense many restless spirits within the halls.

Hero: Is that what a SpiritHunter does? You go around destroying restless ghosts?

Veddrian: I don't JUST destroy them.
Veddrian: When I am able I help those ghosts move into the next world, but many of them are too angry or insane to move on.
Veddrian: Those I have to destroy.
Veddrian: There are also other things in the spaces between our world and the next. Horrible things that want into our world.
Veddrian: I do what I can to protect the world of the living from these things that were never living yet can never die.

Hero: I get the feeling that you are not just here doing your job.

Veddrian: That's very astute of you. You might have the kind of sensitivity that one needs to be a SpiritHunter.
Veddrian: But you are right. I have… other business here.
Veddrian: This is where I was found when I was a little girl.
Veddrian: My first memory is of wandering around the forests near here. I was taken in and raised by a family which became my family.
Veddrian: I have no idea how I got here or what happened to take my memory before that time. It never mattered much.
Veddrian: But recently I have been having dreams. Bad ones….

«To Veddrian's dreams. Inside Bludrut Keep.»

Veddrian: I find myself walking through the halls of Bludrut Keep.
Veddrian: I'm looking for something but I can't quite remember what it is…
Veddrian: Then suddenly, out of the gloom, I see…

«Young Veddrian comes into scene»

Veddrian: Myself.
Veddrian: Exactly as I was when I was a child. I am even wearing the same dress in which I was found.
Veddrian: Except the dress is perfect, not in tatters from days of wandering around the woods alone.
Veddrian: I begin to walk toward myself…
Veddrian: It's like moving through mud. I keep wondering why my child-self won't turn around.
Veddrian: …I get closer but I start to sense something is wrong…
Veddrian: … I run faster, and get closer and closer then…

«Red flashes, back at Veddrian outside of Bludrut Keep»

Veddrian: I always wake up screaming.
Veddrian: Something is calling me back. Something having to do with my childhood… with whatever happened to me here.
Veddrian: I'm not sure what to expect. I might need someone to go inside for me while I preapre rites out here.

Hero: I was going inside anyway and ghost hunting sounds like fun. Just tell me what you need done.

Veddrian: Thanks. I suppose the best way to find out what happened is to find my journal.
Veddrian: For days after my adoptive parents found me I was in shock and delirious for days.
Veddrian: They told me what what I said didn't make a lot of sense but I kept looking for my journal.
Veddrian: If I was actually lost in Bludrut then my journal is probably inside.
Veddrian: That is where we start.

«Scene fades»

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