Intro to Dr. De'Sawed


  • Fourth cutscene button - Asylum

«Hero, Cysero with released Kimberly somewhere in Pandinun Insane Asylum»

Hero: Got it! Let's get out of here!

Kimberly: We can't yet. Dr. De'Sawed is still down here.
Kimberly: If you don't stop him, he'll keep doing these horrible things to people like us!

Hero: What do you mean "like us"?

Kimberly: He invited us here because he has found a way to use insanity to bring nightmares to life!
Kimberly: …so he invited the three most insane people he could find to use as fuel. Me, Cysero and you.

Hero: Me? I'm not crazy.

Kimberly: Crazy people aaaaaalways say that.
Kimberly: Every week you take on countless monsters that are WAY stronger than you. Does that sound sane to you?

Hero: But what about Xan, the Insane Pyromancer? He's WAY crazier than me.
Hero: In fact, he's a lot MORE insane that he used to be.

Kimberly: Exactly. How do you think he got like that? De'Sawed had him here for five months!

Hero: You mean… De'Sawed broke Xan's mind in half?

Kimberly: Yup! What happened to him in this place snapped his brain like a twig.
Kimberly: De'Sawed has become one of his own creations.
Kimberly: If you don't stop him he will consume his power and there will be nobody left to stop him!

Hero: OK, then. Let's go see the doctor!

«Scene fades»

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