Intro (Love's Curse)


«Black background, white text that says "sometime in the future…"»

Narrator: This… is a love story. There are many types of love. Love of friends. Love of adventure.
Narrator: Love of… well… Love is the strongest thing in the universe. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.


Narrator: But Love is the strongest force. True love… conquers all.


Narrator: That is what we are about to discover. True love, lasts forever…

«Change scene, J6 and Hero on a speedboat. Title text comes in and says "LOVE'S CURSE ETERNAL J6 & THE ARGONAUTS". Title texts comes out and zoom in to J6 and Hero»

  • Note: The title J6 & THE ARGONAUTS is a reference to the Greek myth Jason and the Argonauts.

J6: Target acquired. 1.5 kilometers until enemy contact

«Subtitles: "Remember! We did the voice acting for our characters… you need to voice act yours!"»

Hero: Hey J6! What are we doing out here again?

J6: Eliminate target #0719 and collect the bounty.

«Header: "You are not reading yours in a robotic voice are you? If so, please read in a normal tone. Unless your character is some sort of robot… in which case, please proceed."»

Hero: Oh… right.
Hero: ….
Hero: So… who was target #0719 again?

J6: *metallic sigh* Target #0719: Mer'angel

Hero: A Mer'angel? Half Mermaid… half Angel?

J6: //Affirmative. Sound detected… Error 3085. Navigation computers being disrupted.

Hero: Mer'angel? Why Mer'angel? I mean… you could have gone with Angelmaid. Maybe Mermangle.
Hero: No. You were right. Mer'angel definitely sounds better.
Hero: Wait. The title said "J6 and the Argonauts." Where is the rest of your crew?

J6: Their ship crashed into rocks as a result of the Mer'Angel's singing.

Hero: Oh…
Hero: Um, is that what this beautiful music is? …that we are mysteriously hearing in the middle of the ocean?

J6: Affirmative.

Hero: Ohhhhhh……..

«Change scene to Mer'Angel and back to ship, zoom in on J6»

J6: Collision in 3… 2…..

«Black screen»

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