Intro (Cutscene)


Note: Also see Intro Cutscene.

«Scene: Greenguard East»

Hero: It seems like I never get a chance to relax.
Hero: Between fighting Chaos and collecting items I hardly have any time for myself.
Hero: I can't even remember the last time I had time to take a bath.
Hero: *sniff* Wow. Smells like an Undead onion farm.

«Two cloaked strangers appear»


Stranger 1: *AHEM* Greetings, Hero! We need your help.

Hero: Aw man, C'MON! I just sat down here!

Stranger 1: Heroes don't sit down! Your duty calls. A Hero's worb is never done.

Hero: *blink blink* Did you just say "worb?"

Stranger 2: It says "work".

Stranger 1: I can barely read this.
Stranger 1: Are you sure you're not a doctor slash hero?
«Stranger 2 elbows Stranger 1 in the ribs»
Stranger 1: HEY!
Stranger 1: … A Hero's WORK is never done.

Hero: Uh… yeah, I guess. What can I do for you?

Stranger 1: A dragon is coming from the East.

Stranger 2: And it's Huge.

Stranger 1: It's Huge.

Stranger 2: It plans on destroying Battleon and everything else on the way here.

Stranger 1: And only YOU can stop it.
Stranger 1: Ok, that's it.

«Tosses script aside»

Stranger 2: Let's get outta here. Adios!

«Strangers exit»

Hero: gonna be one of THOSE days.
Hero: Huge dragon, huh?
Hero: Forget it.
Hero: Two weirdos in robes tell me they need my help fighting some monster…?
Hero: Well, NOT TODAY! I'm taking today off. Artix or someone can deal with it.
Hero: If the Dragon is coming from the EAST, then I'm heading WEST!

«Hero heads west and falls into a green teleporting hole»

Hero: *sigh* why me?

??? Welcome! Welcome I'm so excited to have you here!
??? Allow me to introduce myself. I am The Collector.

Hero: WAIT! Let me guess. You collect things… and people.

Collector: HAHAHA! The Vigilette did not tell me that you had a sense of humor! That makes this even better!
Collector: Yes. I collect people from all around the various realities. My collection is entitled "People with Great Destinies!"
Collector: I pull them from times and places and bring them here before they achieve their great destiny.
Collector: My race has collected the rarest of things from every corner of the multi-verse for eons…
Collector: … but MY collection will be the finest! This should really increase my Rare Score!

Hero: So I guess, after you show me off, you will let me go back and complete my "great destiny"?

Collector: Oh no! I need you in mint conditions!
Collector: Once you meet your great fate, you are worthless to my collection!

Hero: So I'm stuck here forever?

Collector: Yes! you will be VERY well looked after, like all the rest of my rare items!

Hero: There are others here already?

Collector: Oh yes, you were the LAST piece of my collection!
Collector: Go meet them! Get settled in! Get comfy!
Collector: I will be back later to check on you!

«Collector warps away»

John F: Hey! A new inmate.

John L: Welcome to your never-ending nightmare.

John F: You're not asleep.

John L: Yes, I am.

Hero: Hey, you must be my fellow collectibles.

John F: I'm John.

John L: And I'm John, nice to meet you.

Hero: You're both named John?

John L: Yes we're both named John.

John F: We get that a lot.

Hero: It looks like we all have "great destinies" that we have yet to fulfill.
Hero: Any idea what yours might be?

John L: We had a band called They Might Be Giants before we wound up here…

«Takes out instruments and sings Crushed By Dust»

John F: So now we're stuck here, and our demo is the permanent soundtrack to our incarceration.

John L: So how did you get in here?

Hero: I'm a pretty well known Hero where I come from but I save the world like… weekly. Not sure what great destiny could top that.

John F: And here comes the kid…

Hero: Kid?

John L: Yeah, he's the other item of the collection.

«A young kid walks out»

Hero: Hey, what's your name?

Drakath: I am Prince Drakath Slugwrath of Lore.

Note: The older version of Drakath is the main villian of AQWorlds!

Hero: DRAKATH! He must have been taken before he gave himself over to Chaos.
Hero: I could finish him right now and save Lore a lot of trouble.
Hero: Could I even change the time-stream like that? Is it possible?
Hero: Could I do that to a kid?

Hero: Who knows, maybe this is changing him as we speak.
Hero: Nice to meet you, Drakath.
Hero: I don't know about you guys but I'm getting out of here.

John F: Sure. Rock on.

John L: That seems like a great idea for the first ten years.

Hero: The fight's not over until you give up. Maybe some fresh perspective will help.
Hero: Come on, Drakath. Let's find a way out of this zoo.

«Screen fades»

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