Into the City


«Scene: The Saints with Hero and Kotaro»

Saint Apa: Ugh! You two-

Saint Eta: Are no fun!

Saint Apa: Why won't you-

Saint Eta: Let us bring-

Saint Apa: You in?!

Saint Eta: Let's go, Apa!

Saint Apa: Yeah, Eta!

Kotaro: You did it!
Kotaro: Taking out a Saint like that isn't easy! Let alone two!
Kotaro: Maybe you can help me with what I need to do…

Hero: Looks like we are here!

Kotaro: <Hero>, wait!

Hero: Uh, Kotaro… I don't suppose you have a way out of this, do you?
Hero: Kotaro?

???: I am sorry for the inconvenience, <Hero>, is it?

The Archivist: I am the Archivist, the head of Crystallis.
The Archivist: It has come to my attention that you have been traveling with the fugitive known as Kotaro.

«Scene fades»

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