Into the ChaosWeaver's Web


«Scene: Ravenloss»

Hero: So… what does your spider sense say about THIS?

Riadne: That even someone with only TWO eyes should know we need to get down there, and fast!

Tomix: Are you saying that <Hero> is blind to the possibility of what waits for him/her?

Riadne: Well…

Hero: Hey! You can't run from a question like that!

Tomix: My Riadne has an excellent self-preservation instinct!
Tomix: It's how she survived down there so long while studying the ChaosWeavers.

Hero: True. And about that… you must tell me as much as you can about their species.
Hero: I want to know EVERYTHING I can. Otherwise, this war could rage for centuries!

Tomix: I will tell you much. But Riadne will show you how to discover even more for yourself. Ready?

Hero: Portals. Catapults. Airships. Whatever happened to just walking to the battlefield?!

«Scene: Elsewhere in Ravenloss»

Weaver Warrior: Why does she prepare to send MORE of us back there?
Weaver Warrior: I thought we lost control of the portal!

Weaver Warrior: FOOL! You NEVER have just one escape route!

Weaver Warrior: Enough of us died there already! How many more will we risk?!

Weaver Warrior: Those who went to the surface knew they would not return.
Weaver Warrior: Our Queen spins an intricate web to draw in very dangerous prey.

Weaver Knight: She risks everything to make sure her children survive.

Weaver Warrior: Pfft. How? She is as much a slave as WE are.

Weaver Knight: No living creature endures slavery well. ESPECIALLY not when her children are threatened.

«Scene: Portal in a Desert Area»

When you're trapped, and do not see any way to survive -

«Scene: Portal in a Wooded Area»

You either choose to flee or to fight.

«Scene: Dreadspiders and ChaosWeavers»

Unless you are the Queen of the ChaosWeavers. Then you decide…

«Scene: Hero and Riadne»

To draw the enemy of your enemy right to you…so you can do both!

«Screen fades to black»

Weaver Queen: The flies have been drawn into the heart of the web. Soon they will know why they are here.
Weaver Queen: The last of my warriors remain, ready to serve, while the rest prepare for the exodus.
Weaver Queen: Once the deception ends and the final battle is over, they will never fear hunger or pain again!

«Screen fades»

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