Into the Catacombs


«Scene: At Safiria Castle»

Hero: Oh, hey! I'd always wondered what was behind this door.
Hero: Safiria always kept it locked.

Lady Solani: It leads to the catacombs under the castle.
Lady Solani: We Vampires are immortal, but there have been some who lost themselves.
Lady Solani: Became revenants… mindless, like zombies. More dead than undead.
Lady Solani: We don't know why it happens. Maybe they lived too long, went too long without blood.
Lady Solani: But when it did, we would "bury" them in those catacombs.

Hero: You keep your geezers in the basement. Got it.

Lady Solani: No, you don't understand - their minds have decayed, yes. But their bodier are as powerful as ever.
Lady Solani: …Even stronger, perhaps. since they no longer hesitate from pain or fear.
Lady Solani: So, we could escape through the catacombs,but… it is dangerous.

Hero: It's still striking me as less dangerous than a wall of fire with Infernal spilling out of it.

Constantin: Vampires, I am used to fighting. We can handle thes revenants.
Constantin: We are grateful to you for allowing us to escape through your castle without a fighr - we will clear the way for you.

«Scene fades»

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