Into the Asylum


  • First cutscene button - Asylum

«Scroll appears on screen»

«Change scene to Hero arriving at Pandinun Insane Asylum»

Hero: Wow. What a creepy place.
Hero: Kimberly sure knows how to pick a venue.

«Hero walks into the asylum, change scene to inside the asylum with Hero present. Scroll left to Kimberly's band»

Kimberly: Hero! You came to save us!

Hero: I did what now?

Kimberly: You're not here to save us either?

Hero: Either? What do you…

Kimberly: DON'T LET THE…

Hero: …?

«Kimberly tackles Hero and the asylum's door closes»

Hero: I've always wanted to be tackled by a crazy rock star.

Kimberly: Was it everything that you hoped it would be?

Hero: I always imagined it with less broken bones.

«Hero stands up»

Hero: What is going on?!

Kimberly: WE'RE TRAPPED! DUN Dun duuuun. And Junior forgot to bring cards.

Hero: I got a letter from you inviting me to a album release show here in this asylum.

Kimberly: I got one from Cysero saying that he had invented a new type of music that he wanted to try out on me in there.

Hero: Cysero in here too?

Kimberly: Yeah. He got a carrier pigeon from you saying that you discovered a new type of sandwich meat slash sofa.
Kimberly: He went off looking for another way out. I think.

Junior: i thought he went to find a bathroom.

Hero: Knowing him, he doesn't even remember what he's looking for.
Hero: I'd better go find him so we can get out of here.

Kimberly: Not smart. Monsters'll eat ya.

Hero: Monsters?

Kimberly: Oh yeah! This place is crawling with… unpleasentnesssssssssssss.

Junior: Plus the paths change. Someone set it up like a hall of mirrors.

Kimberly: There are ways through but you'll need my help…

«Cutscene ends»

Next: Found Cysero

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