Into Chaos (Cutscene)


«Drakath enters the Chaos Portal.»


«The screen flashes white.»
«Everywhere in Lore begins to act up, lands trembling, oceans bubbling, sun vanishing, volcanoes erupting»
«Gravelyn, Hero and Artix stand before the Chaos Portal.»

Gravelyn: That's it. He's entered the Portal. There's only one thing left to do now, Artix.

Artix: My friend, the portal is incredibly dangerous. You saw what happened as Drakath passed through.
Artix: The energy - and power - drained from him. If you go through it, we are sure the same will happen to you.

Hero: But if I don't… I've got to risk it. Otherwise, the whole world will fall.
Hero: We could reset the world, maybe. The Dragon of Time powers could do that…
Hero: But look what happened before! I would rather face Drakath myself and make SURE this ends here!

Artix: Gravelyn… it is time.

Hero: Time for what? I've got to go in there. NOW!

«Artix and Gravelyn have the silhouettes of dragons appear over them. The background turns white.»
«The scene returns to Artix, Gravelyn, and the Hero standing in front of the Chaos Portal.»
«The Hero is glowing white.»

Hero: What… Was… THAT?!

Artix: We gave you our strength, the might of two Elemental Champions. You may not be able to keep your POWER…
Artix: But your own stregnth plus that of ours should make sure that you are ready to face Drakath -

Gravelyn: Even if all of your powers are gone once you pass through!

Artix: The Empress and I discussed this possbility, but could not tell you before now.

Gravelyn: It's the fixed point in time. We're supposed to be here, and you, and Drakath.
Gravelyn: But what actions we take inside this point are up to US!

Hero: I feel like - like - I could crush the World with my bare hands!

Gravelyn: Good. You should be able to. But save it for INSIDE the portal!

Artix: What will you do, my friend? We will stand beside you, no matter what you decide!

«The Hero has a choice between two options.»

  • Give up my powers to save the world!

«The Hero stands in front of the Chaos Portal. Gravelyn and Artix stand behind the Hero.»

Gravelyn: You've got to destroy the Chaos amulet! It's got to be the Queen of Monsters' link to him.
Gravelyn: But if you do this…

Artix: Everything will change. All the powers you have gained from Death, as the Eternal Dragon of Time…

Gravelyn: YOU are the only one who can restore Order to our world. You always have been.

Hero: It hasn't seemed like it. Look at what I've done to the world… trying to save it!

Gravelyn: Order comes from Chaos. It has always been that way.

Artix: We have fought too long beside each other for me to doubt your intent, or your courage.

Gravelyn: Bring me back his head, <Hero>. Chuckles needs a friend.

Artix: I will see you when you return, my friend, and we will put the world right. Together.

Hero: Together.

«Hero steps through the Chaos Portal. The screen flashes white. The Hero falls, and lands inside the Chaos Realm.>

Hero: They're… ALL here?

Drakath: There is no going back, <Hero>! The Queen has given me a present…
Drakath: Only possible in the Realm of Chaos! The moment you try to return…
Drakath: All 13 of my Chaos Lords will tear you to shreds and feed you to her beasts!

Hero: Then it's a good thing I'm not returning until you're BOTH dust!

«Fade to black.»

«The Eye of Chaos appears against a black background.»

13 Lords of Chaos Gauntlet

«Scene fades.»

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