Interview with Kimberly

Lead Singer, One-Eyed Doll
Hey there, sorry about all that trouble. I'm glad you go your VIP Pass though! Whenever you are ready we can start the interview or check out our cool band loot.

Start Interview
Oh an interview. Yay! I WILL ASK THE QUESTIONS HERE! Ok, never mind, you can ask the questions.

  • 1. Who is your favorite moglin?
    • Zorbak is my homeboy. He won my heart in a cage fight with Pikachu.
  • 2. Do you like my outfit?
    • Yes! We should trade.
  • I wore it just for you!
    • NO WAY! I wore mine just for you!
  • 3. What happened to your doll's other eye?
    • It's actually a reference to my grandpa, who inspired me to become a musician. [He had one eye.] The other reference is to the the third eye. Now you have the inside scoop.
  • I'd rather have an Action Figure than a Doll.
    • "One-Eyed Action Figure"! I LIKE IT! WE'RE CHANGING THE NAME OF THE BAND!
  • 4. How is "banndedy" formed?
    • wHen teh dRumAmr metz teh SiNgar and we are gets the bassESSesst, dEn the bANdeD is teh foRmed an we taked teh BanD back to aOostin to Lady To rEst!!
  • 5. What is it like to be a singer?
    • It's like a frog!
  • So you like singing over dancing?
    • I like unicorns!!!
  • I can /dance, watch me!
    • I HAVE FINALLY FOUND THE MYSTICAL FROG UNICORN OF DANCY FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to eat you and gain your powers.
  • 6. Can I be a Mod?
    • Are you in a band?
      • 1. Ya, I am in a band!
        • For Realz?
          • 1. Of course, I'm part of a band!
            • You're just saying that for mod privileges!
          • 2. Umm… I'm not really part of a band.
            • And the truth comes out!
      • 2. No, I'm not in a band.
        • Are you nice?
          • 1. I'm totally super nice.
            • Then ask nicely.
          • May I please be a Mod?
              • No, because you didn't ask with cherries or sugar.
          • 2. No, nice guy(or girls) finish last.
              • Well clearly you don't deserve to be a mod.

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