Interview with Jr

Drummer, One-Eyed Doll
Oh man what a KILLER show! I'm still so pumped-up that my mouth doesn't wanna close. Or move at all. Good thing I've mastered ventriloquism.

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An interview with me. Hmm. I'll see what I can do.

  • 1. Where are you from?
    • California
  • But where are you FROM?
    • California, TX?
  • F.R.O.M.
    • California, TX England… it's an island, you've probably never heard of it.
  • 2. What is it like to be a rockstar?
    • Probably fizzy and refreshing.
    • A Rock Star is manufactured, it is not something you can become through tutelage.
  • 3. Have you ever drummed on a garbage can?
    • Yes.
  • On stage?
    • Yes.
  • On a cat?
    • erm… I plead the fifth.
  • 4. How did you meet Kimberly?
    • I met her in a video game.
  • I met her in a video game!
    • You too? How strange.
      • 1. Bet you wish YOU met her in a video game?
        • But I… oh never mind.
      • 2. I met her before you!
        • Of course you did, you just met me.
      • Yah huh!
        • Wowsers

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