«Scene: Alina, Raoul on his magic circle, and Hero on Manor, Hero drops a liquid in Raoul's magic circle»


«Raoul's magic circle shines»

Hero: Wow! What was in that potion?

Alina: Oh, that? That was one of my favorites. It's a "Potion of Inscrutable Mutation."
Alina: It has a random effect on people, and it was long overdue for the "Untied Tongue" effect.

Hero: That… makes him talk a lot?

Raoul: I cannot tell you! It is worth more than my life to talk!
Raoul: I'd rahter DIE than betray my- *choke*!

«Raoul throws a potion, but Alina catches it midair»

Alina: Tsk. If you won't play nice, my friend here is going to go all… heroic on you.

Hero: I think the time for that is past.
Hero: Our king is in peril, and your assistant is near death. We have no time for this!

Raoul: Your… your ASSISTANT drank the soup?
Raoul: I've got to go to the Castle!
Raoul: Let me pass!

«Raoul throws a potion to his feet and transforms into Bird of Paradise»

«Scene fades»

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