«Scene: Raoul's manor»

Raoul: I- I am not a fighter. Please… don't hurt me!

Alina: You never were brave, Silvertree. As a minor officiate of the court-

Raoul: I never offended anyone, and I was beneath notice. I know.

Hero: Was poisoning the King your plan to GET noticed?
Hero: And that poor little girl just someone who got in the way?
Hero: Or did you want to remove Alina, so you could take HER place as Royal Alchemist?

Raoul: NO! No! Not all of that is right! You MUST believe me!
Raoul: It wasn't me, but… I know who slipped the poison into the soup.
Raoul: And, and it …wasn't HER fault. Not her idea.

Alina: Actually, I DO believe you. You cannot lie, not with MY potion coating your tongue.

Hero: Oooooh, NICE trick!

«Alina drinks the potion she is holding»

Alina: Mmm! Tastes like purple!

Hero: I bet the "Indigo Sun" you slipped into the soups tasted similar, hmm?

Raoul: Yes! Wait, wait. I mean-
Raoul: My daughter… My little girl! She loves- she loves… potions-
Raoul: She never told you because… I hoped one day that information would be useful…

«Scene fades»

«Scene: outside of Swordhaven Castle»

Raoul: Just give the bottle to the new cook and then you'll be done.

«Shendra tears up»

Shendra: But… daddy? I LIKE Alina. She is teaching me so much!
Shendra: And the King is nice to me. I- I don't WANT to do this.

«Raoul pats Shendra on the head»

Raoul: I know, darling. But your daddy needs you to do this. His- friend- needs you to do this.

Shendra: I don't LIKE the Metal Man. He has a funny smile, and he glares all the time.

Raoul: The soup will just make the King and Alina a little sick.
Raoul: Then I will help the Metal Man to make them feel better.
Raoul: And the Metal Man will be happy, and your daddy will look like a hero!
Raoul: That's good, right?

«Shendra nods»

Shendra: Ok, daddy. I will. But…

Raoul: No buts, my darling. No buts. Just DO it.

«Raoul hands the potion to Shendra»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Raoul's manor»

Raoul: And once I gave Alteon the "antidote," he would be… susceptible… to the right person.
Raoul: You, though… I would be a phenomenal Royal PotionMaster!

Alina: Your daughter is so smart, and so gentle. She loves you! And you betrayed her.

Hero: I think you know where you belong, Silvertree.

Raoul: Please, save her! She was never meant to be in danger. This went all wrong!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: outside Swordhaven Castle»

Hero: But… you took a drink of the potion. I SAW you . What will it do to you?
Hero: Make you invincible? Give you hearing like a bat, or vision like a hawk? Or-

Alina: Nothing so fine as all that!
Alina: No, I have a feeling when I try to take this information back to the Castle…
Alina: That not only will it clear my name, but I'll have to go to an apology banquet.
Alina: And you KNOW how long Sir Emony's banquets go on for.

Hero: Oh! So your "mutation" will let you appear alert and interested in boring chatter for hours?

Alina: It better, or I might start wishing to join Raoul in his prison cell.
Alina: But no matter. What we have to find out NOW is who Raoul's employer is.
Alina: The "Metal Man" is still free.
Alina: He'll likely withdraw for a while, but until we catch him, the King is still in danger!

«Scene fades»

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